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Monday, April 28, 2008
You're suffocating me, so very hard to breathe

I have this urge to get my piercing tomorrow, nothing hurts more than the pain you experience on the inside, yes no? We'll see how it goes.. cause i think its a really good day to stay home tomorrow and spend some quality time alone. Today, and perhaps tomorrow too, seem to be the replay of how i felt exactly 2 years ago, on the very both days.

7:42 PM

Friday, April 25, 2008
cause i'm more than just your girl, your toy

Anyway, pictures taken when in th lecture hall on saturday. Can't blame us lah it was effing boring.

Bet Edna is sooooo gonna scream her head off when she sees this here.(Rachel, Edna, Jasmine)
Then me and Aloy left early in order to meet the Pelloysius Jasfaries on time at Bugis to get part of our GPP done.

This is what happens when your class has so much more girls than boys.
Lastly, the Jasfaries!
I'm feeling so so stressed up, its like, SO MANY THINGS TO DO YET SO LITTLE TIME. If only i can have more than 24hrs a day. Anw, yst went to met hubs after disusing the Gpp, he went like, "2 more days before my baby turns seventeen". Then i stoned awhile before realizing that its true!!! All i can remember is that there's history SEA test on Tues and nothing else, wth right. I used to like have so much time to count down to my birthday ladeeedadeeda. But now i feel that birthdays are just another day, no more princessy parties, nothing special.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
onefifty for half a face

Hahahha Aloysius was made to pay $1.50 for half a face:)
I look horrid in this but, whateverrrrrrrrr.

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Monday, April 21, 2008
when you thought you'd never stand out, perhaps you really didnt

That day bestf was like telling me over the phone about a particular issue.
Now i think she should have considered herself luckier cause she didnt think that mine will be far more worser as compared to hers.

Suddenly, everything makes me feel that i'm least of importance to everyone, including clique and boyfriend- the people i love, and care for most.
Perhaps there's no one to blame, and somehow i indirectly brought this upon myself for not being good enough, like always.

10:26 PM

Sunday, April 20, 2008
Nyjc's drama night

Drama night at SRT, met the class and Clarke Quay Mrt station and found our way there. Both the plays were good, especially the second one which i loved and prefered more was so touching that the entire play almost got me crying. Supper at Macs right after, then with Zen leading the way, we headed to George Street to climb the rooftop:D


0836 YAY HEARTS MANY! But terrible shaky hands the photographer has:(

Deanna, Jasmine, Ryna!!!

At the rooftop!
Jasmine Ryna Sokyi Edna Rachel

7:09 PM

Thursday, April 17, 2008
the caramel island adventure

Oh did i mention that i went back to Nass on Tuesday to meet up with part of th clique. Okay no i did not. Wait, i just mentioned(:
(That's the detention corner-my usual hangout after school, and the bitching corner-during recess btw)
Anyway fast forward. Went to library today and wanted to study, but ohwells guess we can't study in the library afterall. (More pics in Sokyi's phone)

My i'm feeling super lazy to do gp and study for all the tests which is like every single day. Freak gonna dieeeee yet to start studying! & of course i get lazier when it comes to researching ideas for GPP, heh. And i hate it when honey bee goes MIA like now i can't contact him at all:(
Byeeeeee wholegrain bread here i come! (Wooohooo praise me manz i only consumed half a bowl of rice for th entrie day)

8:30 PM

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Demi character

Experiencing a pretty rough phase now, again. Seems like everything round me is crumbling and sometimes its just too hard to cope with. That's life perhaps, nothing will ever seem to go smoothly at all.

(that's us in a totally WRONG attire. Classical attire with character shoes, LOL)
Anyway Ballet exam today. Final grade wooohoooo feels good. 4 solo dances, and apparently i screwed up barre work (thank god its not counted) and polonaise. Freaking embarassing i danced halfway and my entire skirt gave way, dropping down onto the floor. But yeah continued dancing. So like the examiner was so pleased with me cause of that and she told the pianist i was really good! Praised me and all, heh. But i don't think i'll attain a distinction though. Merit will be fine with me(:

Then cabbed home, honey bee came to pick me up and surprised me by hiding behind th pillar outside my house! Heh. He certainly knows how to make me feel better. Srsly i won't know what to do without him. He's always there, and will always listen to my moanings and my complains, consoling me whenever i feel upset cause i've been feeling really bad these days. Over to his place and later went to meet Xh and Sy.

Which, apparently our decision to shop at city plaza failed terribly, they don't have anything there at all. Ended up at Singpost camwhoring and eating beancurd which tastes like sour toufu, and dumplings.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008
'touch her, touch her!'

Out of sheer boredom and the reluctance to do my assignments...
I think i screwed the entire thing. I'm gonna' get my new pair of converse sneakers(:

Salsa, or back to jazz?
dancer in mediacorp? Yes no?

7:32 PM

Saturday, April 12, 2008
glitter bella

I love communicating with people, communicating with others somehow helps yourself to know yourself better.Anyway, Daniel said that i give the impression of a high class face thus many don't dare to talk to me in person cause of this? Kay weird. And today Meryl says that i have that elite face. x837462540 weirder.(honey bee says i have a baby face with baby cheeks okay that's out of the point). But nooooooooo i'm not high class or an elitist!! Totally not!! Sigh, guess the way one carries his/herself is really important aye. I'm not one that starts a conversation going, but in fact one that keeps a conversation going...Gonna' have to learn how to open myself more to the people round me and start approaching them to start a conversation now.

About friends. I think like pris had said i've pictured too much of my life to be a fairytale, hence in other words i'm pretty much gulliable and naive. Pretty true i guess. Used to think that friends meant forever, till i start realising that friends do come and go too. Like, now. Its just so hard to meet up with clique cause everyone's busy with their own stuff. Clique outings now are never complete without a few missing everytime. But i'm thankful that i'm still meeting most of them, like pris ally teni xh sy(:

And there's also honey bee. Need to stop being too dependent on him. Sometimes i really wonder where should we go from here. Stay put, take the next step or? Cause he seems just too busy with school and, its really hard to meet up. (Heartbreak)

Oh yah! Overdue photos from the class during lit. Here are some, th rest are at Lj!!!

Ha, seems like this is the first private post posted as public. But wellohwells at least i know some *$&(# aren't reading this, i think? I like this two-way blogging thing though troublesome, i love blogging different contents in both the blogs.

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Friday, April 11, 2008
fickle minded-ness


So he liked fetch me from school today and i'm the happiest girl on earth i tell you!!! Anyway that's not the point, the point is he dressed ultra mega geeky boy today hahahha so funny, but nevermind i like, heh. so yeah he accompanied me home changed then we went up to th multistorey carpark where i wanted to slack then that whiny spoilt brat went, "BABY ITS SO HOT I AM PERSPIRING ALREADY!!!" okay so we went back down and he sent me to ballet.

And ah ya this fucked up mrt station worker just made my day damn fucked up lah. Like i mean, really stupid i bet anyone will get pissed. Like, even warning can tell me nicely right she must freaking talk so loudly and give me a wtf attitude. Like hellllooooooooo she is just a mrt assistant and especially when i had already apologised repeatedly? Ugh.

Oh and if you happen to be my friend on msn or smt, i really want to know how people think of me so please please tell me how you think of me online okay! Even negative stuff i don't mind(:

9:41 PM

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Happy Vs Sad

This explains it all.

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Monday, April 7, 2008
I could hear your heartbeat a mile away

Ikea with Xh and Sy today, like finally we've found time to meet up. Okay anyway we spent lots of time looking at storage boxes, so yeah i have only one photo of xh being crazy, as usual. And i swallowed a fish bone during dinner, damn salmon. I ended up eating bread and leaving half of the salmon untouched cause i don'
(Anyway thankyou girls for my early present!)

Haha so much for filling up the wall with these post sticks but i never seem to do anything stated on it yet. I need to sleep those eyebags are appearing noooooooooo! Hope sequeira does not pick on me to answer his questions on Vietnam tomorrow cause i didnt do anything -crosses fingers. Anyway i'm so gonna die for Southeast Asia test next week cause i understand no shit.

9:46 PM

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The constant nagging from people around me made me do this. So you guys now can like read my blog entries and my ears can be saved from all the "Why your lj all locked posts i cannot read make it private lah". (poor ears)

I need to save money. I want to get so so many things done. And i must/should stop eating zomg i put on weight already i think so if anyone of you see me eating please remind me that i am fat so i'll stop thank you very much.

17 already hur, work hard in cj!

6:05 AM


Made up of more than just seven alphabets, and a tough nut to crack(:

Friends Only


You're suffocating me, so very hard to breathe
cause i'm more than just your girl, your toy
onefifty for half a face
when you thought you'd never stand out, perhaps yo...
Nyjc's drama night
the caramel island adventure
Demi character
'touch her, touch her!'
glitter bella
fickle minded-ness



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